Al-Kafa'ah Law firm

Al-Kafa'ah Law Firm is one of the most prestigious law firms in the State of Kuwait. All services provided by Al-Kafa'ah are performed under the supervision and management of the lawyer Ms. Linah AbdulAziz Al-Masha'an. Al-Kafa'ah is committed to providing legal solutions to all clients in the most challenging legal issues. the sole purpose of establishing this law firm was to provide clients with a thoughtful legal process through the work of a team of distinguished Kuwaiti lawyers and advisers. For this reason, you can count on extensive experience provided by Al-Kafa'ah law firm. We deliver diverse proficiency helping many clients from local and international companies and legal fields. At Al-Kafa'ah we dedicate all possible efforts in order to gain our clients' trust, through the preservation of their interests, as they are the real reason behind this firm's success. Therefore, we make sure to follow-up on the legal issues they might face and make all necessary decisions issues and take the necessary actions in this regard. We are committed to high proficiency and quality services which have bestowed loyalty and respect from clients.

Lina Abdulaziz Al-Mashaan

General Manager

Lina Abdulaziz Al-Mashaan

  • Bachelor of Law - University of Kuwait (1998)
  • Diploma of International Law – Cairo University
  • Diploma of Business management – The American University of London
  • In addition to many other diplomas of International and Commercial Arbitration


Lina Abdulaziz Mishaan is the General Manager of Al-Kafaa Legal and Consulting Office, established in 2007. Located in the heart of Kuwait Al-Kafaa law firm has not only become of the most popular law offices in Kuwait, but also in the Gulf and Middle East. Lina believes in teamwork and collaboration amongst all employees. Everyone's voice is heard and most decisions are made after extensive negotiations and proper delegations amongst team members. Commercial law, appeals, Criminal Law and felonies are Lina's areas expertise. She has a large client base of prestigious Kuwaiti enterprises to banks as well as commercial and insurance companies. Lina is passionate about promoting a society, where individuals live harmoniously within the bounds of the law and constitution.

Professional Activities

  • The Preparation of Arbitrators Seminar - Studies and Legal Consultants Office - Kuwait University.
  • A Seminar for the Preparation of Arab international arbitrators - Egyptian international Arbitration Center.
  • Training Program - Preparation of International Arbitrators – The Regional Institute of "Al-Ahli".

Our Vision, Message and Objective

Our team

We appreciate experience, therefore we employ highly experienced staff who are familiar to the legal field and all the legal aspects. We provide our staff with all the means of research and training that will enable them to deal with all the contemporary and various issues occurring in the legal systems in the State of Kuwait. We have guided a large number of legal staff members from advisers and lawyers to the management and financial team, as well as the experienced professionals who have all collectively adopted a unique combination of core values which plays a key role in turning our vision and mission into a reality. This team plays a pivotal role in overseeing the daily transactions and consolidate the leadership of the office in the field of legal advice in the Arabian Gulf, each department within the office has a vital and active role in the development in accordance with the precise and specific work system. All of which is supervised by a state of the art technology to ensure strict compliance with the standards of the office towards our clients and to provide a more transparent services.

Our Technical Team

This department includes a number of advisors, led by one advisor who has twenty-five-year experience in legal actions and arbitration and more than eleven-year-experience in Kuwait's legislation system. He ensures his department studies all the civil, commercial and criminal cases and prepare a legal opinion and advice on them and appear before the expert management to discuss these cases.

Our Lawyers Department

This department includes a number of lawyers from Kuwait and the Gulf, which make sure to attend in all the hearings in Kuwaiti courts so the clients feel credible and safe resulting in a mutual confidence and connection between both parties.

Interpretation Department

This department includes a professional counsellor who is responsible for providing consult and drafting contracts in the English language and prepare them for signing.

Legal Advisors

This department includes a number of Arab and foreign consultants, who in turn and through long experience in the State of Kuwait and the Gulf region, provide consulting services in various fields, which also qualifies them to formulate suits, notes and all legal lawsuits.

Executive Department

This department includes a number of executive lawyers and representatives, which in turn carry out follow-up provisions and their implementation in all Kuwaiti courts throughout all the provinces. All executed without burdening our clients.

Our Court Team

This team specialises in the follow-up issues, court sessions, the proceedings and the implementation of court decisions and declarations and to inform the clients of the court's decisions and judgments.

Secretarial Department

This department includes a special section for secretaries and the reception hall for clients, a section for printing memos and other applications as well as the preparation of financial accounts of the office and answering phones and communications as well as sending and receiving translation services.

Public Relations Department

This department includes a number of delegates responsible for the follow-up issues at all ministries and all other official organizations.

Our Services

Civil cases

Includes compensation cases and other civil litigations

Criminal cases

Felonies – Mis demeanours - Traffic

Labour issues

Workers' rights - Labour contracts - Affairs

Commercial issues

Financial claims-Performance-Commercial contracts orders-Construction-Debt

Personal status issues

All personal status Sunni and Jaafari cases (dwelling- divorce - custody - and others)

Administrative issues

Cancellation of administrative decisions and compensation - Expropriation ...

Rentals issues

Evacuation - Late rents - Collections and others ...

Legal advice

Legal advice in all kinds of issues

Our Clients

Al-Kafa'ah law Firm has an impressive list of unique clients, who we have earned their trust through years of mutual understanding. This lists includes a number of companies, dealers, advisors and technicians locally. In addition, our foreign affairs have linked our office with a number of associates outside Kuwait enabling us to follow our clients' dealings outside the state.